How to take a cold shower and CRUSH the day.

The dreaded cold shower.  Some people fear a cold shower like it is the boogie man from their childhood. If you asked them whether they would rather take a cold shower or walk over hot coals, many people would prefer the coals!  When I told my father about the benefits of taking a cold shower he plainly accused me of being insane!

As a matter of fact being accused of being a lunatic for having taken a cold shower is very common.( Apparently, they used cold baths as a cure to heal the lunatics in ancient times) However, the benefits far outweigh the discomfort of a cold shower.  People have been doing it since time immemorial and swear by its beneficial properties

Benefits of taking a cold shower.

  • The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is the fact that a cold shower taken first thing in the morning puts you in a state of mind to get things done. It should be the first actionable step in your success routine every day.
  • Increases Alertness. …
  • Refines Hair and Skin. …
  • Improves Immunity and Circulation. …
  • Stimulates Weight Loss. …
  • Speeds Up Muscle Soreness and Recovery. …
  • Eases Stress. …
  • Relieves Depression.

However, as mentioned the biggest benefit you will get out of taking a cold shower is the mental discipline necessary to achieve your goals. Believe me, taking a cold shower in the morning builds mental strength like few other things.  Remember Success begets Success.  Also, taking a cold shower is the first step in the day to achieve your goals.

What to expect:

First, know that cold water is not your enemy.  Nothing bad is going to happen.   Here are the typical symptoms of what to expect when that stream of icy water hits your naked body.

  1. Deep breathing: As Gimli said in the Lord of The Rings. “Breathe, keep breathing that is the key” Your body will automatically start breathing deep after the first few seconds.
  2. A mild headache: If the water is freezing like in winter time, you might start experiencing a slight headache especially when the water is hitting you in the face or on top of your head. When that happens just, direct the stream of cold water to your back or front of your body, and it should go away.
  3. Mild to severe swearing:  Yes you read right.  You are going to swear like a trooper the first time that cold water hits your body. Somehow swearing makes it more bearable the first couple of times. Having a repertoire of descriptive expletives will ease your suffering.
  4. The afterglow:  After about a minute your body will start to heat up, it will actually start to feel warmer.  You will still continue to breathe deeply, but it will be much more bearable.

Ok now that you know why taking a cold shower is beneficial for your physical and mental health lets us look at tips on how to get your butt out of bed and into that glorious ice cold liberation!  When your alarm goes off at 4 am. (Yes being an early bird is crucial to achieving success. Read the advantages of waking up early.)  Kick off the blankets, take off your clothes and head to the shower to receive your dose of adrenaline-producing therapy!

Method 1:  The Scottish shower approach.

This is the method I would suggest for cold shower virgins.  It was made famous by James Bond 007!  You start your shower nice and hot, really enjoy it.  Then little by little adjust the temperature until you have only cold water hitting you.  I shower twice a day, and this is the method I use for my evening shower just before bedtime.  This way I still get to enjoy a nice hot shower after a productive day and get the benefits of a cold one.

Method 2: The cold turkey approach.

After a few James Bond showers it is time to turn up the heat (I mean cold).  This method will get the juices flowing, and I promise you will feel like a rockstar afterward.

  • While the shower is off, walk into it and look up at the shower head.
  • Say the mantra “All is mental” out loud.(This is for motivation by the way)
  • While you look at that shower head, flip the tap to full force and on maximum cold.
  • Now, take your medicine like a man/woman!(Feel free to swear liberally at this point)
  • Move around that stream of cold water.  Let it get to every part and crevice of your body.  Even the parts where the sun does not shine.
  • It is especially difficult to keep it on your back since that is a large surface area with lots of nerve endings. Just endure.
  • After at least 100 seconds turn off the tap.

Congratulations my friend you have done it.  You have won your first major battle for the day, and you and you alone are in control of your destiny!  Taking a cold shower takes balls of steel and if you are a man you might not find them for 5 minutes afterward.  But that is ok; it will be such a liberating experience the first time you do it that you will get used nay even better I daresay you will crave the after effects of a cold shower.


  • How do I take a cold shower in winter?  Look you do not want to end up with hypothermia.  So you have to warm up again after the cold shower.  There are two methods I use.
  • My preferred method is to dry myself thoroughly and then stand in front of a heater or warmer while I am getting dressed. Your body will start heating itself up quickly. Put on a jacket and get to work.
  • If you don’t have a heater in winter then after your time in the shower turn the heat back on and warm up your body with the hot water.  However, only do this in freezing weather where you cannot heat up fast enough naturally.
  • How long should my shower last?  At least a 100 seconds.  That way you will get the full benefit of the experience.  So how do you know the 100 seconds are over.  I use the old children’s trick of counting saying out loud 1001, 1002, etc. In summer it is easier to stay longer.
  • I didn’t make 100 seconds should I give up?  Never give up!  If you only made it for 10 seconds today, get in again tomorrow and do it for 20 seconds.  Work your way up step by step.
  • What is the next level after taking a cold shower?  For the real hardcore among you, the next level up is taking a cold bath.  Completely immerse yourself in it.  If you have a pool go and dive right in. Or stand under a waterfall in the mountains for a more spiritual experience.

Nearly every area in life the big key to success is taking massive action. Like David Schwartz said, “Action conquers fear.” Don’t be afraid of the cold water.  Just take action and persist and you will reap the rewards.

I would really like to hear of your experiences in this exercise.

Yours in health and prosperity.

Edward Krüger


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