What is the meaning of success?

What is Success?

So you want to be successful. But what is the meaning of success?  There are many definitions of success. But on this website, we will use my definition.

The achievement of something Desired, Envisioned and Planned,

The above sentence along with the title of this post carries the formula that can make your dreams come true. Let us look at these components in more detail.


To have success in any endeavor, you must first desire that success.  This desire must be real almost tangible. You must burn with a desire to achieve your results. Desire is not a hope nor is it a wish it is as Napoleon Hill put it “DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning DESIRE to possess it.”

As I am writing these words, I am myself desiring that this blog will be the most successful blog in the world about achieving success in any field or endeavor. And I desire this with a white hot passion that borders on obsession.  Why? Because only a desire that fires you up from inside will achieve the desired results.


To have vision is to see with your mind’s eye your desire realized in the finest detail. You should be able to see, smell, touch, taste and hear your desire. That means you need to have imagination.  As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.


“Meticulous planning will enable everything a man does to appear spontaneous.” Mark Caine.

To have success at anything you do need to plan for it.  This should be a detailed plan for how to get from point A to B and all the way to Z. This is your road map.  Success will be much easier if you have a plan in place.

Why Success begets Success?

Success begets success, or “Nothing succeeds like success”  is a quote by an anonymous person.  Though nobody knows who this venerable sage was he/she was undoubtedly a very successful person.  The principle is at first so simple that many people overlook it.  And like the famous KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle have proven countless of times if you focus on the basics and leave out the clutter your results will be infinitely better.

So hang on and let me explain this magic voodoo trick in plain English: I am going to use an example that we are all familiar with namely: “Getting into Shape” Or as some people call it “The battle of the bulge.”  Now using the formula for success above Getting into shape = Desire+Vision+Planning.  Let’s say you have done all three elements.

  • You are tired of pulling in your stomach when a hot girl or guy walks past and have the burning desire to get into shape,
  • You have envisioned yourself in detail strutting your stuff on the beach in your red speedo.
  • And you have a plan that sets out your diet and exercise routine on an app on your smartphone.

So far so good. Now you need ACTION! Monday morning is your first day of your new body.( Everyone always says I will start Monday for some reason)

Your plan for the day is to eat no sugar or processed food, drink ten glasses of water and walk around the block once.  Come to the evening, and you have achieved your goals!  It feels great! No here is the trick.  Tomorrow you build on that success that you achieved today. You use the formula:

Success begets Success!

Tuesday it will be easier to eat healthily and to go for a walk maybe twice around the block.  Because you are motivated by the previous day’s success. And so it can and should carry on until you have reached your goal of a healthy and lean body.

If you can build on your successes every day, day after day.  Not even the sky is the limit.  All your dreams goals and ambitions are achievable by celebrating the little successes you achieve along the way and using them to fuel your motivation for the next phase in your plan.

The reason for this blog is to help people like yourself to achieve their goals and live a life full of happiness and prosperity. On here you will get motivational tips, resources, and advice from experts to achieve success in your life.

Yours in Health and Prosperity.

Edward Krüger.

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