How to foresee the future and achieve amazing results

What if I told you there was a way you could accurately foresee the future? That there was a way you can look into the future and with 100% accuracy, the events will unfold as you saw them!  Moreover, I am not talking about the hogwash some fortune tellers sells you to make you feel better.  I am referring to the real deal where you will see with your own eyes the future, and if you follow the advice in this post it will unfold as you see it!

Sounds too good to be true?  Today I am going to share an amazing exercise that I use to not only foresee the future but to change it!  This is not some Voodoo trick.  Anybody on this earth can predict their future and change it for the better.

All Is Mental

The above sentence is one of my mantras.  Whenever I face a tough situation, I remind myself that all is mental.  Every action you take in your life starts with a thought.  From there it develops into reality if you take action.  Please read the last two sentences again.  It is the crux of the whole exercise.

Now we are going to do an experiment.  And you my reader are going to see your future unfold!  Are you excited?  You should be. Please follow this simple exercise it holds the key to untold possibilities.  Ok let’s start:

  1. Go to the mirror and look at the reflection of yourself.  Look at how you are dressed, how your hair looks.  Take it all in for 30 seconds just look at yourself. (If you are at work use your phone’s camera to look at yourself)
  2. Now sit or lie down and close your eyes. See yourself in your mind sitting or lying down.  See yourself exactly how you are right now. Meaning see the person you saw in the mirror.
  3. Now imagine yourself standing slowly up from your chair and walking to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water and then slowly drinking it.  However, I mean really see it in your mind.  Take in the detail.  See in your mind how you stand up, then walking to the door you open the handle.  Imagine yourself walking to the kitchen, taking out a glass of the cupboard and slowly filling it with clean water.  See how you take the glass and slowly drink all the water.  Finally, put the glass down on the table.
  4. Now open your eyes and do exactly what you just saw yourself doing in your mind’s eye.  Go to the kitchen and drink that glass of water. Try doing it as closely as possible as in the vision you saw yourself doing it.
  5. Congratulations my friend you have just foreseen your own future and you have achieved it!  You have literally changed your future. Five minutes ago you would not have walked into the kitchen and drank a glass of water.  However, through the power of the mind, you have foreseen your future self, doing something particular, and you took the necessary action to achieve it.

I hope you can see the significance of this exercise. Imagination is essential.  Inside is locked up the key that can change your life.  You do have to ability to change your future.  The more you practice this type of exercise the better you will get.  You can use it to motivated yourself to do exercise for your health or to complete an assignment for work. 

 You are in control of you future

Heck, I used it to write this article today.  Start using it as much as possible and in everyday situations.  If you have to take the dog for a walk, take 5 minutes and imagine in your mind’s eye doing it.  If you have to cook dinner for the family, take some time and see yourself serving them the most delicious food.  Then take ACTION!  Nothing will happen unless you take action.  Your future depends on taking action on your vision or else it will just remain a dream.

The real value of this exercise is in training your mind to use its imagination to achieve results.  When you write out goals, you have to envision your achievement of those goals.  With enough practice and time, you will train your mind to believe that anything it imagines can be achieved.

Examples of  your goals could include:

  • See yourself in detail having the most amazing vacation in Europe.  See in your mind’s eye how you are drinking coffee in a French Cafe.  Smell the fresh aroma of the coffee beans, hear the bustle in the street.
  • See yourself with the ideal partner. Envision how you are doing fun stuff with that person and how she/he is making you very happy. See yourself holding their hand walking in the park while the sun is shining upon you.
  • See yourself on your dream farm or home.  Have a look at the detail of the house.  See your kids running around the garden having the time of their lives while you are looking on with a big smile on your face.

The above are just a few examples.  Spend a few minutes every day. (I spend at least 5 minutes in the evening before bed) To visualize your future.  And I will say it again.  Now take action.  Have a plan and work it.  Use all the resources at your disposal.  My book “The 100-day guide that will transform your life” can help you with this amazing journey.

Friend, there is so much opportunity to live the life of your dreams.  If you can see it in your mind, you can get it.  I will leave you with this inspirational quote from Napoleon Hill.

Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve.

Yours in health and prosperity

Edward Kruger

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