How to Face your Fears and reap the rewards of courage.

What does every successful person have in common?  At one time or other, they had to face their fears. They had to conquer their fear to move to the next level. And in the process discover that most fears evaporate in the face of determination and persistence.

It is amazing how perceived fear can keep you from living a live full of abundance, prosperity, and joy.  And it is equally amazing how the act of facing your fears head on can make 99% of all fears vanish like a puff of smoke. There were a few defining cases in my life where I had to face my fears in order to move to the next level. Overcoming the fear of cold calling was one of them, but the one case I want to relate changed my life forever.

The journey of a lifetime.

In  December 2011 I decided to make a solo trip across Africa with my motorbike.  I bought a Kawasaki KLR 650 second hand online in October 2011.  Before that, I have never ridden a motorcycle.  I purchased a book that taught offroad techniques, and I taught myself how to ride a motorbike in difficult situations.  The trip I planned was a round trip of 8000km. Starting in South Africa, across Zimbabwe to the coast of Mozambique and then all the way across through Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia and all the way back to South Africa.

Don’t sound too complicated?  Well, the one rule I made was to seek out 90% dirt roads across these countries, and that means going where very few other people go. Also, I had no idea where I was going to sleep on that trip. I do not have time to relate all the adventures of that journey. What I want to describe was my first day of that three-week odyssey.

I have planned my trip as well as I could. Moreover, told myself I was ready.  My family, of course, thought I was nuts and tried to dissuade me until the very end. However, come the morning of the big day I could not get out of bed.  I was scared.  I thought about all that could go wrong. My bike was using more oil than petrol, but I opted not to fix it so I could have the money to go on this trip.  Then I literally took John Wayne’s advice and saddled up start my bike and rode out of my gate fully packed and loaded.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

That first day through Zimbabwe was tough.  I had stomach aches because of the stress. Petrol was in short supply in the country, and my spare container full of petrol fell off somewhere along the road.  Also, keep in mind I had no idea where I was going to sleep.  Then an amazing thing happened. As the sun was starting to set I spotted a turn off to a tea plantation, and on a whim drove through the gates.

The manager asked me what I was doing, and I told him I am riding across Africa. He immediately offered me a place to set up my tent and gave me a cold beer and some food. So that was when I knew everything would be all right.  All the dangers and adventures that came during that trip I took in my stride and had no fear in me to complete my goal and mission.

That trip changed my life. I met my previous employer at a campsite on the route, and he offered me a high paying job traveling through Africa doing soil testing at mines.  Moreover, I met my fiance through that trip.  My life changed for the better because I faced my fears head on and pushed through.

If you have a dream or goal. Stop fearing possible consequences that most likely will never happen.  Do your planning as well as you can and then FORGET about them.  Now is the time for ACTION.  Complete the steps in your action plan with bulldog determination and all obstacles will start to vanish.  Nothing can keep you from the success you deserve except yourself.  Also, remember this. You are always responsible for everything you get or do not get in your life.  Don’t blame other people. FACE YOUR FEARS AND SUCCEED!

Yours in health and prosperity.

Edward Kruger


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