5 steps to create a productive routine that produces startling results.

A magic formula that if repeated enough times will yield amazing results.

To function at your best and achieve the greatest results in the least amount of time you need to have a routine or routines. All successful people have routines.  They follow them every day until they become habits.

So what is the difference between a routine and a habit?  Put simply a routine is an action that is planned and designed by yourself(or somebody else) to be repeated daily to achieve success in your life. Because you design and plan a routine, you do not often get bad routines, but you do get bad habits.  A habit is an action you do without too much mental effort.  For example brushing your teeth is a good habit and biting your nails is a bad habit.  The goal of designing productive routines is to turn them into productive habits.

Having the right routines for different areas in your life is one of the secrets to achieving success in your life and realise your goals.

You should have routines for the following critical areas:

  • Health:  Your health is one of the biggest assets in your life.  You have to look after it, because when your health suffers all other areas are impacted. You should have routines in place for healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise. Having an exercise routine  will help you achieve excellent health and body condition in the least amount of time.
  • Wealth:  After health, most people are concerned about the status of their wealth.  Having routines in place that is designed to increase your wealth is paramount. Pay yourself first is such a routine and if followed diligently will eventually make you a wealthy person.
  • Productivity:  Having routines to make you as productive as humanly possible is critical to achieving success in your endeavours.  That include but is not limited to cultivate the habit of waking up at 4 am and do your most productive work in the early hours of the morning.
  • Family and friends:  No man is an island. You should cherish and nurture the social interaction with friends and relatives. They are the people that make your life complete.  Don’t take them for granted.  Have routines in place that will acknowledge them and allow you to spend quality time with them.

So below are the five steps I use to design a productive routine for any of the critical areas above that will yield the best results in the least amount of time.

Five steps to create a productive routine.

  • Write down the intended result:  You have, to begin with, the end in mind.  Take a piece of paper and write down your envisioned desire.  It is important to write this in an affirmative, positive, emotive and current state. For example, rather write “I am now a successful barista that sells the most cups of aromatic and exotic coffees in all of New York.”  As to oppose to “One day I am going to become rich by selling the most cups of coffee in the world.”
  • Do Research and learn from the top three experts:   Until you have become an authority in your chosen endeavor and can design routines yourself borrow and learn from the best. Have a look around and see what the three most successful people in your chosen field are doing.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel. If your goal is for instance to become a great public speaker. Study the routines of the top 3 experts you admire and respect.
  • Choose the three best routines from the group above: On your piece of paper write down underneath your envisioned desire, the top 3 methods from your chosen experts.  You should not need more than three quality routines to achieve the results you desire.  If you have too many routines, you will lose focus, and your productivity will suffer.
  • Implement them on a timeline:  Take your piece of paper and draw up a schedule to perform your chosen routines. Take some time and think which part of the day will be the best to accomplish these tasks.
  • Take Action!:  Start right away to follow your routines.  You will start noticing measurable results in a very short period.  If you take purposeful action steps every day, you will achieve anything your heart desires.  Remember SUCCESS BEGETS SUCCESS!

Having good solid routines and habits will help you to keep moving forward even on the days when your motivation is low.  Useful routines are nothing more than a recipe or formula that if followed diligently will deliver the results.  Acquire the discipline necessary to complete these little steps and the world is your oyster.

Yours in health and prosperity.

Edward Krüger

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