144 Minutes To Success

  • Increased Productivity. 
  • Laser like focus. 
  • Finally reach your goals! 

In the Book, You Will Discover:

10% of the day belongs to you!

Learn why 10% of the day belongs to you and only you.  And how you can use this time(144 minutes) to completely change your life for the better!

Predict your own future!

Is it possible to predict your own future?  Yes it is!  Find one of the strategies inside that will help you shape the future as you want to!

Tips and tricks to make you as productive as humanely possible

From taking cold showers to waking up early.  Learn the tips and tricks that the pro's use to be as productive as possible in a day.

Become Super You!

Learn how to become the best version of yourself in 5 days!  This will change your life 180 degrees within a week!

About the Author: Edward Krüger

Edward Krüger is a man with a mission:  To help 1 million people earn a living while being workplace independent by 2020.  A student of life, wealth and health for the past 10 years.  He started www.successbegetssuccess.com in 2016 to be a practical resource for people that want to break free from life's golden handcuffs.

What People Are Saying

Gabrielle Guard Area Manager

“The author demonstrates unique and easy to apply techniques used to kickstart goals into successful outcomes.  A definite must read! ”

Deon Uys CPTu Technician

“I found the read very interesting and helpful. Good points on starting a change in your everyday routine and focusing on your goals. Still have to brave the cold shower though. ”

A Fully Updated Guide To Get More Out Of Your Workday.